So, you ask how does The Sage do this?  Well, he does it by teaching you how best to use key people skills in your dealings with fellow human beings.

Now, he doesn't just cover a few of these skills. Rather he teaches you hundreds of ways to better use all kinds of them. Click above on Table of Contents and scan the 250 or so topics that The sage covers. This is the most in-depth book ever written on people skills.

And to teach you and at the same time hold your attention, The Sage uses realistic sketches with colorful characters plus down-to-earth talk to show you how best to use these skills. What to do and not do!

At times, you'll almost feel like The Sage is sitting at your kitchen table, chatting with just you over a cup of tea and nibbling cookies.

As to his real-world sketches, you'll find yourself saying things like, ¨That jerk at the office pulls that on me.” Or, “Betty does that.”  “Ugh!  I do that. Gotta stop it.”

Bottom line: If you follow what this wise person says you'll be absolutely astounded as to: How much your life will improve!

His teaching boils down to:  We need to be fairer, more decent in dealing with our fellow human beings.  

If only more of us would practice these things, the world would be a better place to live.

Let People Skills work

magic for you!

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