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Sure looks that way, the Sage says.

He has yet to see a report from a news entity adequately expressing concerns about these quite serious problems about Bernie’s candidacy. This argues the media is not doing its duty. Instead, it’s showing a pervasive bias for Bernie.

This is bad for America. A crucial presidential election is at stake. Yes, it’s one with potential adverse consequences for the nation for years to come if the American people, because they’re not as informed as they should be, make a grievous error as to a presidential choice.

So, getting right to the point, what follows are critical facts the Sage thinks the press should be telling the public about Bernie:


In his campaigning, Bernie is distracting his supporters from taking stock of his seriously impaired physical condition.

Yes, he’s keeping these people from realizing that because of his heart disease, he’s not realistically capable of serving as president.

His impaired heart was diagnosed October 1, 2019. After having suffered fatigue and chest discomfort for months, and then so acutely, on that day Bernie was admitted to a Las Vegas hospital. After immediate tests, he was told by doctors he had suffered a heart attack.

His campaign, however, though informed of the attack, that day only reported that Bernie had suffered chest discomfort from blockage. And this had been relieved by placement of stents. It did not tell the public that Bernie had suffered a heart attack until three days later, October 4, following a report issued by the doctors who had diagnosed the attack October 1.

In any case, for Bernie, as impaired as he is, the job as president would be much too difficult and strenuous for him or anyone at his age and in his state. This is especially true, when you consider that:

America’s presidents, the leaders of the free world, have probably the most pressured, difficult jobs on the planet. They’re on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

And that often means being awakened at 3 a.m., and told something that has just happened in the world that might affect America and require an immediate decision or action.

Then, of course, presidents must fly all over the world.......meetings, meetings, and more meetings. And often they have to do this on just moments’ notices.

So, a president likely averages two or three flights a week, as many as 156 a year.

Sure, a presidential jet is luxurious, spacious, comfortable with beds, plush seating, et cetera. Nonetheless, such frequent, pressured traveling, including white-knuckle flights, is a physically and mentally onerous grind for even the healthiest of persons.

Now, Bernie, of course, knows he’s seriously impaired. He knows to stay alive, he’s dependent on those stents in his heart not collapsing, and that his heart did not incur irreparable damage in the original attack that could provoke another attack And a next time could be fatal, especially at his age of almost 80.

So, it’s preposterous to believe that Bernie even wants this job. He just has to realize that because of his condition, he could easily die with his boots on.

Needless to say, what so-impaired persons with all their marbles, would let themselves get involved in a such situation?

So, Bernie must have something else in mind. Could it be this?:

First, get nominated Then, pick a VP. Someone who shares his socialistic views. Beat Trump. Get inaugurated. Shortly thereafter, his heart condition worsens. He has to retire. VP becomes president. But to further Bernie’s goals for socialism in America, Bernie, calls shots from behind the scene?

Now, to achieve step one, the nomination, Bernie is saying all the right things to financially stressed people. They hang on Bernie’s every word. He knows exactly what to tell them. In essence: The government owes you a living. Free lunches, free this, free that. “I’ll get these things for you.”

He says these things to these poor souls not only to get their votes in the primaries but to get small contributions from them. Astonishingly, they added up to 34.5 million dollars in the last quarter of 2019.

Now, this raises touchy questions: Sometimes Bernie says he’s not a member of any party, that is, he’s an independent. Other times, he says he’s a democrat.

So, do all those millions he’s pocketed go to the Democratic Party? Or do they go to Bernie’s private socialistic interests, entities involving benefits and income for his family?

Whatever, if Bernie is Trump’s opponent, Trump most certainly will bring those questions into sharp focus. In fact, he’ll likely shout them from rooftops.

Remember how often he’d refer to Hillary, as “Crooked Hillary?” And then he’d get crowds to chant, “Lock her up,”?


If he’s elected, he would be the oldest president in history. Some 8 months after inauguration, he’d turn 80. That’s the age where many people start to decline cognitively and physically.

They become impaired by dementia or Alzheimer’s (the latter’s incidences double for people in their 80s). And for nuclear-age presidents, this could cause them to make poor decisions that could have cataclysmic, disastrous effects on the world.


In today’s world, an elected president should have a law degree and legal experience. This makes him or her far more capable of serving the needs of the presidency. Because so often their decisions involve matters of law.

And who would you think has provided some rather convincing evidence why this is so true? It’s Trump, himself.

Though he’s not a lawyer, on Twitter of all places, off the top of his head he has been routinely and repeatedly making legal judgments or statements.

He dogmatically talks like he’s a “Philadelphia lawyer,” (a supposedly, exceptionally competent attorney), or a “legal eagle, know-it-all.”

In fact, at times, if you didn’t know better, by the way he talks, you’d think he's robed in Supreme Court black. And he’s sitting next to Chief Justice John Roberts. Trump’s statements sometimes are so inappropriate, improper for a non-lawyer, they’re laughable.

Of course, theoretically, for legal matters, a president always will have numerous lawyers on staff to consult. So, you’d think there is no need for a president to make legal decisions.

But practicalities sometimes dictate otherwise. A president, as head of the executive branch of our government, often is pressured for instant answers to touchy issues.

And they frequently can have legal implications. Postponing them to check with legal counsel sounds good on paper. But that’s not always real-world possible.

Finally, summing up this common sense requisite, are these terse words about something Trump evidently said. They’re from Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg:

“He’s not a lawyer.”

That pithy comment sums it up as to why our presidents should be legally educated.

Bernie is not.


So, there you have what Sage fervently believes the public should know about Bernie Sanders. And for America’s sake, the press has a duty to so inform the country.

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