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Reader Feedback

People Skills Magic is well-received by listeners. 

By Diane Farmer Vero Beach, Florida 

After I had downloaded ¨People Skills Magic¨(¨PSM¨), I had trouble taking a break from listening to it. I just had to finish it. I was mesmerized by it. I am now listening to it a second time.  It is really going to help me. 

What made me buy it in the first place is how thoroughly it covers just about anything that could come up in dealing with other people. Also, that it's an audiobook intrigued me.  I could listen to it to kill time in boring car drives or long plane trips.  

To hold my interest, PSM uses real life dialogues to demonstrate and explain things, not just abstract theories like other works put you to sleep with.

And talking about holding your interest, this 21st century work grabs you by the lapels. At times, it is sort of funny and shocking at the same time. Again and again, I found myself saying, ¨Hey, THAT IS ME¨, or that´s Sandy at the office, my brother, my boss, or my husband.  

Furthermore, PSM is a piece of cake to understand. It´s well written and has no technical BS or fancy words.

In any case, I think this audiobook will help lots and lots of people. The author is truly a wise person.  

Finally, If everyone would follow what it teaches, the world would be a better place.  

Without hesitation, I rate it the best I can.  And when I review something, I am usually a nitpicker, a stickler to please.  I think this is the first time I have ever given anything I have reviewed, the highest rating available.  




R. Quentner, San Jose, CA 


What I like about this audiobook:


1.  It sticks to the subject people skills, does not ramble.  It is not about winning over the boss, or being a better speaker, a smooth talker, or making sales.  It is about what I need to know:  how I can help myself get along better with others. 


2.   I can understand it.  It is not over my head.


3.  It holds my attention. When I start listening to it, I don’t all of a sudden need a nap.  This happens to me when I get bored.  

4.   I don´t feel like I am being forced to listen to it as part of a class assignment. I actually want to hear it.

5.   It is 21st century stuff. 

6.  It does not throw complicated theories at me. Instead, to make points, it gives practical examples, exchanges between people.

7.  As the author says, I feel like he and I are in the kitchen sipping coffee and chatting. 

8.   It has already helped me on some problems I´m having.  It showed me things I´m doing that are plainly wrong.

9.   For what you get, and what this audiobook does for you, I think its price is reasonable.

What I do not like about this book:

I am frustrated. I keep fantasizing that that this wise old codger, the author, is right across from me with a coffee mug at his lips. So I have questions I am dying to ask him.  But I can't.

But to tell the truth, I have racked my brain, and I´m at a loss to find something about this audiobook that I don't like. It is that good. For me, it´s a full 5.

By Richard M., San Marcos, Texas. This  is a sleeper and clearly a five.  In my job, I have to make a lot of long, boring road trips.  So, it's a godsend for me.  I'm on my fourth listen. And I can see some wonderful improvements in how I get along with others.  This old man author is a sooooooo smart.

Teresa G.L. St. Paul, Minnesota

This audiobook is a winner!  I say that because it puts things so that I can understand them.


I like its way of telling stories to teach. 


And would you believe it, I actually finished this audiobook.  I did not quit on it.  That is what I do so many times when I try to read books to learn something.  They become sleeping pills for me.  But this one kept me awake.  And now I'm listening to it again.  

I say it is a good buy.  For the price, how can you go wrong? You will get something out of it.  That goes for anyone. I definitely agree with those who give it a 5. 

RGM, VP - Fortune 500 Corporation New York, New York 

I am ashamed, embarrassed. To my wife, kid, and people at work, I do some of the bad things this audiobook points out.  I should know better. They are common sense.  So, why do I do them? I just do not know. 


A few of these things, I really did not know they are wrong, but most I did.  I think we all have this problem. So, this audiobook can be a reality check for us.  We need our noses rubbed.  

If I had to find something wrong with the book, at times, it seems to have a bit too much, ¨Simple Simon¨ stuff. On the other hand, that´s exactly what is we need to get the message. Sock it to us in simple ways, otherwise it will not sink in.  Everyone should listen to this book, everyone.

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