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The Sage's Gems of Wisdom

Yes, some do.

They do it to poor souls who don’t have insurance. Yet for identical bills or services, where people do have coverage, these same...

Yes, indirectly, they can.

That’s because they encourage people to drink beers at places from where they’ll likely drive home afterwards. Yes, celebrate with...

Yes, see Mars first hand?

Glimpse the barren spot where Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon, July 20, 1969? Would you like to know about the recent “SpaceX's...

Sure looks that way, the Sage says.

He has yet to see a report from a news entity adequately expressing concerns about these quite serious problems about Bernie’s candidacy....


Their present one is incorrect. So, they need to set the record straight with a new one. Yes, one that assures America that Democrats...

Message for Bernie

You're defrauding poor people by taking millions from them despite that your heart condition and age say you CAN’T win & serve.

Yes, It's About Time!

After about 225 years of men serving as presidents . . . America needs what it's never had: a woman at the helm . . . CLICK to read more

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