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But Trump hopes you don't realize that.

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

And that you’ll be enticed by Sanders’, Bloomberg’s, or Biden’s seductive BS pitches. And that you’ll end up nominating one of them.

Yes, that’s exactly what he wants, because he has all kinds of dirty linen to blast each with, especially Sanders.

And because of the following facts, the last thing he wants, is Warren as his opponent:


Warren does not have health problems like Bloomberg and Sanders that could affect their capabilities to serve.

For example, Bloomberg, 20 years ago, had stents placed in his heart to relieve blockage. And he now has A-Fib, an irregular heart beat, which puts him at risk for a stroke, blood clots, heart failure, and other heart-related complications. He takes a blood thinner to reduce such risks. Yet despite those realities, his doctor claims he’s in "outstanding health." But, with all due respect, Doctor, common senses says otherwise.

As to Sanders, just last October, he suffered a heart attack. And for 3 days following it, he tried to hide it from the public. But the doctors at the hospital would not let him. Then, in December, he got letters from three doctors claiming he was in good health. Hmmmmm!

Then Sanders refused to give any further medical information as to his health history before his heart attack. So, that raises the question: Is he is hiding something that is pertinent to his health such as prior heart problems? Why else, would he refuse to release his complete health history prior to his heart attack?

In any case, Trump is laying In the weeds on both Bloomberg’s and Sanders’ health conditions.

And in particular, if Sanders is Trump’s opponent, Trump likely will repetitively bring up Sanders’ dishonest attempt to keep his October heart attack from the public.

With Warren, however, Trump would have no health issues to broach. There are none.


Warren is much younger than Bloomberg, Sanders, and Biden.

Each of those three, if elected, would be serving in their 80s shortly after inauguration. The 80s are when all of us become vulnerable to physical and mental degeneration. Incidences of Alzheimer’s and dementia double in that bracket. So, our president, being the leader of the free world, with nuclear discretion that could destroy part or theoretically the entire planet, should be young enough to not serve while in his or her 80s. Warren, is young enough to not put the nation at this crucial risk.

Finally, on this age issue, you can bet the barn, Trump will shout it if one of those three men is his opponent. He will, because like each of them, he won’t hit his 80s during his term if reelected.

But with Warren, Trump won’t have this age argument. She’s younger than he.


Warren has no vestiges of republicanism like Biden and Bloomberg have.

In fact, Biden, has even said he’d consider a republican as a running mate. And Biden claims he’s a democrat? Hmmmmmm!

And Bloomberg, with all his money and corporations, how could he not be a republican in democratic clothing? He must have loved Trump’s monstrous tax cut for corporations and the upper 2 percent. With his billions and corporate interests, how could Bloomberg not have been elated about what Trump did?

And no doubt, Trump will pound the table that Bloomberg considers the presidency something that can be bought and sold. That disrespects, denigrates the dignity of the office. Trump no doubt will scream that about Bloomberg. It’s a potent knock against him that will turn off a lot of voters.

But with Warren, would Trump have any such challenges to allege or argue? Nope, not a darn thing. So, no doubt, he’s got his fingers crossed that someone other than she, is nominated.

As to Sanders, Warren clearly is not a believer in his socialistic ideas. In contrast to him, she is a true democrat whose beliefs represent middle America

But right now, Trump’s likely hoping that Sanders, the socialist, will be his opponent. He will play up America’s dislike of socialism, and what’s going on in Cuba and Venezuela. He’ll use this info to rip Sanders to shreds.

And no doubt this is why Russia reportedly is be trying to help Trump get his wish. That is, Russia with its devious ways, is doing what it can to help Sanders get nominated. With all his flaws, he will be the easiest for Trump to beat. That apparently is the Russians’ thinking and goal, help get Trump an easy opponent to beat. And that would be Sanders.

But if Warren’s nominated, Trump will have no such “easy pickings” with flaws and views to jump on. So, reading his likely mind, he’s thinking:

“I just hope, Dems are not smart enough to nominate that babe. Instead, hope they buy Sanders’ or Bloomberg’s cons. With what I’ve got on those guys, I can whip their butts. But Warren really scares me. She’s just too qualified. And damn it, I can’t find dirt on her. She’s clean.”


Of Warren’s opponents, only Biden is legally educated.

That a president is a lawyer is a real plus. This is because so many times a president has to make decisions that have legal implications. That’s so, even though a president always has lawyers on staff to consult. But this is not always practical. Sometimes urgencies will not permit this.

Though Trump is not a lawyer, he sure talks and acts like he is.

On Twitter of all places, off the top of his head he has been routinely and repeatedly making legal judgments or statements that he's not competent to make.

In fact, at times, if you didn't know better, by the way he talks, you'd think he's robed in Supreme Court black. And he's sitting next to Chief Justice John Roberts. His statements sometimes are so improper for a non-lawyer, they're laughable.

Now since neither Sanders nor Bloomberg is a lawyer, and Trump’s not one either, this will present no problem for him. But if Warren is his opponent, she can rub his nose in his lacking and also about some of his past dogmatic legal judgments.

So, no doubt he’s shaking in his boots just thinking about struggling in a campaign against someone as competent and impressively qualified as she.

Plus, Warren is not only a lawyer, but has been a professor of law. She has 35 years of experience of teaching law at some of the country’s most prestigious law schools.

  • From 1977 through 1978, taught law, Rutgers University.

  • From 1978 to 1983, taught law, University of Houston Law Center.

  • From 1983 to 1987, Professor of Law, University of Texas.

  • From 1987 to 1995, Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania

  • From 1995 to 2012, Professor of Law, Harvard Law School.

That’s an impressive resume for the presidency. It’s matched by no other candidate.

So, no doubt, it’s one more reason why Trump likely hopes he will not be up against her next fall.


Warren isn't perfect, but she's relatively baggage and skeleton free.

It’s fairly clear that Trump’s Howitzer or big gun in winning battles over the years in business and politics, is bringing up alleged dirty linen about opponents. He digs it up on public figure opponents and viciously attacks them over and over with it.

For example, remember, the email issue with Hillary, and how he repeatedly called her “Crooked Hillary.” And how he got crowds to chant, “Lock her up.”

Well, with potential opponents Sanders, Biden, and Bloomberg there should be oodles of things about which he can allege and pound his fist on the table.

But with Warren, Trump would be utterly frustrated. She’s “lily-white: nothing to attack,


Indeed, compared to the other nominee aspirants, it’s patently obvious: Elizabeth Warren is heads and shoulders above each.

Indeed, the above facts show that with her, the democratic party has the best chance to oust Trump and win back the White House. And at the same time hopefully curtain or counter the blatant conservative dominance in our highest court that threatens to detrimentally affect justice for decades to come.


It’s about time the greatest nation on earth has a woman leading it.

Yes, because for almost 230 years now, we’ve been ignoring half the country’s talent and brains by choosing only men to lead.

Ugh! Gulp! Gasp! That doesn’t make sense.

It shows that we’re WAY BEHIND other countries, those who don’t bypass half their population when they pick persons to lead.

Yes, after 230 years and 45 consecutive men as our leaders, it’s about time we catch up with the rest of the world.

Now, supposedly justifying all that virility in the White House, is this kind of thinking: Men are smarter, stronger, not as emotional, and have more stamina.


That latter claim, Trump made in 2016 against Hillary Clinton. He claimed this when she quite humanly got pneumonia and fainted. Evidently, per Trump, men don't get pneumonia, and if they do, they never, heaven forbid, faint.

That says Trump needs a history lesson. In 1841, President William Henry Harrison at his inaugural, came down with pneumonia and died 32 days later.

But back to the main point here: It's indisputable that gender has influenced our choices for president. And the sorry result as mentioned has deprived our nation of fifty percent of its brain-power and talent for the office of president.

Sure, a lot of that was due to the lack of available, qualified women. Still the prejudice against them should not have been as pervasive as it was......”Geez,” in 230 years not a single woman president.

So, now you know, that when it comes to qualifications for president attributable to gender, all things, especially in this 21st century, are fairly equal. That is, neither gender has an advantage.


In conclusion here, at this time in history, America needs a woman, especially, this one, Elizabeth Warren. She's brilliant, gifted, extraordinarily educated, and experienced. She has all the tools.

She’s more than more capable to "drain the swamp" (hate to use Trump's words, but they're apt). She can marshal the forces to remedy the oodles of things about which Trump has wreaked havoc.

And the big thing is that WE CAN TRUST HER. She has the requisite integrity, which is so critical for a president to have.

So, Democrats, don’t buy Sanders’ BS. He’s disingenuous (tried to hide his heart attack) and takes money from the poor under the false premise that he’s physically capable of serving despite his heart disease and age. Plus, he lacks a legal education.

And as to Bloomberg and Biden, both are too old. And they’re really Republicans in disguise. Bloomberg also has serious health problems and is not a lawyer.

So, the correct and only choice here is a “no-brainer,” Elizabeth Warren.

But if we fall for the BS of one of those other much, much less capable and qualified candidates, odds are it will be four more dark years of Trump, the tyrant; that plus a really bleak future for the Supreme Court.

That said, the Sage, still has faith, confidence, and fervent hope that voters’ and the party’s common sense will prevail. And they will accept the obvious. That Elizabeth Warren is the superior choice to battle Trump, not only because she’s the most qualified, but she is the least vulnerable, if at all, to Trump vicious attacks.

So, Democrats, do what’s best for America and nominate Senator Elizabeth Warren. Then go all out to boot the present tyrant and make her United States of America, President No. 46.

We’ll be so proud of her.

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