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Yes, some do.

They do it to poor souls who don’t have insurance.

Yet for identical bills or services, where people do have coverage, these same hospitals discount bills as much as 90% for insurance companies.

For example, say the hospital charges are $100,000. Some hospitals will accept as little as $10,000 from an insurance company.

But if patients are uninsured, the hospital will demand from them the full $100,000. And this throws most such people into a financial crisis, usually bankruptcy.

For this reason, medical bills are the principal cause of most bankruptcy filings.

Now under bankruptcy law before 2005, such debts would be wiped out, discharged. Traditionally that has always been a goal of bankruptcy law, to give people a chance to start anew.

But today, a different bankruptcy law is in effect. It’s brutally punitive. It’s one that Senator Joe Biden and the republicans got enacted in 2005. He was the only democratic senator who supported the bill out of committee.

So, today, in just about every instance, bankrupt persons’ debts will not be discharged. In other words, credit card companies, hospitals, and doctors can legally demand “blood money” payments from bankrupt people. They can and do sic oppressive bill collectors on them.

But the reality is: most of these poor people can’t squeeze out a dime. They’re hardly able to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. So, they just end up destitute.

All thanks to this present punitive bankruptcy law and grabby creditors like credit card companies, and, of course, some hospitals and doctors. (Joe Biden, how could you and the republicans have done this to poor people?)

And would you believe it, per the names of some of these hospitals, they’re owned by churches and religions.

Shame! Shame! Shame!

Then, there’s this bleakness on the horizon, the new tax law that Trump got the republicans to ram into law in December 2017, exactly as he and republicans had promised, shortly will strip health care, the Affordable Health Care Act provisions, (“Obama Care”) from 15 million Americans.

So, “egads!” That will be 15 million more people that hospitals can cast into abject poverty.

And again, some of these hospitals appear to be owned by churches or religions.

Gasp! Gulp!

“Enuff” said.

Kindly forgive the Sage, but he thought you nice people should know these things, unpleasant though they are.

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Bye for now.

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