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To get nominated, you need to GO FOR JUGULARS.

This means not holding back truths about opponents. Considering what’s at stake here, you can’t be “friendly,” cordial and do what’s right for America.

For such a crucial cause, telling the truth, though harsh, is absolutely the right thing to do. It’s a duty.

Yes, Elizabeth, truths desperately need to be told about Bernie, Joe, Mike, and Pete. And if you don’t tell them, Trump will. For sure, he will shout them about any opponent except you, because you’re so relatively “Lilly white.”

But say, as an example, Bernie is his opponent. Because of Bernie’s conning and bleeding of poor people, Trump likely will continually refer to him as, “Crooked Bernie,” and have crowds chant, “Lock him up.” Remember, what he did to Hillary?

Indeed, Trump won’t hold back on anything. Nor should you, Elizabeth. The public and the press need to know the facts. And you have to keep putting them on the table.

Ok, Enough said. So what are your opponents’ specific jugulars that it’s your duty to lay bare, expose:

1. Bernie Sander’s Flanks

Sage takes him first, because he’s outrageously deceiving poor people. His candidacy is blatantly dishonest. (and Elizabeth, keep in mind, he’s about as much your friend as he was Hillary’s).

And BTW, don’t let him divert you into any more side issues like that liar squabble. You can’t win those pointless tiffs. You only lose, because the press picks up on them. And because he has so many supporters, the press is biased for him.

So, Elizabeth, you have to divert the press’ attention from such things. But, Bernie, of course, wants them covered. They incite his supporters, keep you occupied in responding to them, distract you from doing what he fears.

Yes, it’s a deliberate ploy on his part to deter you as long as possible, from blowing the whistle on his bilking of poor people. That he’s taking millions and millions from them under false pretenses that he can serve as president, when he really cannot and should not, because:

A. He’s too old.

If he’s elected, he would be the oldest president in history. Some 8 months after inauguration, he’d turn 80. That’s the age where many people start to decline cognitively and physically.

They become impaired by dementia or Alzheimer’s (the latter’s incidences double for people in their 80s). And for nuclear age presidents, this could cause them to make poor decisions that could have cataclysmic, disastrous effects on the world.

B. He’s not adequately educated.

In today’s world, an elected president should have a law degree. Having one, makes him or her far more capable of serving the needs of the presidency. Because so often their decisions involve matters of law.

And who would you think has provided some rather convincing evidence why this is so true? It’s Trump, himself.

Though he’s not a lawyer, on Twitter of all places, off the top of his head he has been routinely and repeatedly making legal judgments or statements.

He dogmatically talks like he’s a “Philadelphia lawyer,” (a supposedly, exceptionally competent attorney), or a “legal eagle, know-it-all.”

In fact, at times, if you didn’t know better, by the way he talks, you’d think he's robed in Supreme Court black. And he’s sitting next to Chief Justice John Roberts. Trump’s statements sometimes are so inappropriate, improper for a non-lawyer, they’re laughable.

Of course, theoretically, for legal matters, a president always will have numerous lawyers on staff to consult. So, you’d think there is no need for a president to make legal decisions.

But practicalities sometimes dictate otherwise. A president, as head of the executive branch of our government, often is pressured for instant answers to touchy issues.

And they frequently can have legal implications. Postponing them to check with legal counsel sounds good on paper. But that’s not always real-world possible.

Finally, summing up this common sense requisite, are these terse words about Trump from Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg: “He’s not a lawyer.”

That pithy comment says it all as to why our presidents should be legally educated.

So, Elizabeth, this is just one more thing that Bernie lacks. Pounce on it.

C. He’s gravely impaired.

Elizabeth, this one you almost have to hit the table with a sledge hammer about. It’s that crucial.

In his campaigning, Bernie’s masterfully and deceitfully distracting supporters from seriously taking stock of his seriously impaired physical condition.

Yes, with his smooth talking BS, he’s distracting these people from realizing that because of his heart disease, he’s not realistically capable of serving as president. In October he had a heart attack and had to have stents installed in his heart to keep blood flowing. They could collapse.

So. as impaired as he is, the job would be much too difficult and strenuous for him. This is especially true, when you consider that:

America’s presidents, the leaders of the free world, have probably the most pressured, difficult jobs on the planet. They’re on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

And that often means being awakened at 3 a.m., to be told something that has just happened in the world that might affect America and require an immediate decision or action.

Then, of course, presidents must fly all over the world.......meetings, meetings, and more meetings. And often they have to do this on just moments’ notices.

So, a president likely averages two or three flights a week, as many as 156 a year. Wow!

Sure, a presidential jet is luxurious, spacious, comfortable with beds, plush seating, et cetera. Nonetheless, such frequent, pressured traveling, including white knuckle flights, is a physically and mentally onerous grind for even the healthiest of persons.

Moreover, consider this: Bernie as a candidate, of course, knows he’s seriously impaired with heart disease. He knows to stay alive, he’s dependent on those stents in his heart not collapsing.

So, Elizabeth, IT’S ABSOLUTELY PREPOSTEROUS to believe that Bernie, himself, even wants this job. He just has to realize that because of his heart disease, he could easily die with his boots on.

Needless to say, what persons with all their marbles, would want that to happen to them?

Hence, Sage smells a rat, which is:

Bernie has a master plan. Here’s what it could be:

First, get nominated. Then, pick a VP. Someone who shares his socialistic views. Beat Trump and get inaugurated. Shortly thereafter, claim his heart condition has worsened. So, he has to retire. VP becomes president for at least 4 years. But to further his goals for socialism in America, Bernie, calls shots from behind the scene.

Now, to achieve step one, the nomination, Bernie is saying all the right things to financially stressed people. Many of whom are in dire straits because of the present bankruptcy law that the then Senator Joe Biden and the republicans enacted 15 years ago.

So, these oppressed people are hanging onto Bernie’s every word. He knows exactly what to tell them. In essence, “The government owes you a living. I’ll get it for you.”

He says these things to these poor souls not only to get their votes in the primaries but to bleed small contributions from them. Astonishingly, they totaled 34.5 million dollars in the last quarter of 2019.

Now, this raises questions: Sometimes Bernie says he’s not a member of any party, that is, he’s an independent. Other times, he says he’s a democrat.

So, do those millions go to the Democratic Party? Or do they go to his private socialistic interests, entities involving benefits and income for his family?

Whatever, if Bernie is Trump’s opponent, Trump most certainly will bring those questions into sharp focus. In fact, he’ll yell about them.

But Elizabeth, that should and must not happen. Because as detailed above, for so many reasons, the evidence is indisputable that Bernie would be an extremely bad choice for America.

2. Pete’s Buttigieg’s Jugular

He’s just too young and inexperienced in life. Being mayor of a 102,000 mid-western city for a number of years is just not enough to show he’s capable of leading the free world.

It’s that simple. Hit that point over and over. And don’t get diverted by the press into discussing anything else. Just keep coming back to Pete’s lack of experience.

Stomp on it.

3. Mike Bloomberg’s Flanks

Elizabeth, what you should strike hard with this man is that in essence he's trying to buy the presidency, putting a price in the millions and millions on a revered office. This degrades, disrespects it.

Plus, if he's elected:

Like Trump did, Mike likely would use the executive branch to gain benefits, advantages for his corporate empire.

As to what Trump did, as a senator, Elizabeth, though you had no part in it, you witnessed in 2017. So, you need no reminder about it. But it bears mention as to what is needed to prevent another president from doing the same thing.

In record time, 6 weeks, 8 days, Trump in his first year (2017), got rammed through Congress and enacted, history making tax legislation. It was a boon for his empire: As you know, In the main, it permanently lowered the tax rate for corporations from 35% to 22%, substantially reduced individual rates for upper "2 % ers," and will eventually strip health care from 15 million people.

Normally, such complicated legislation with so much impact on the country would take months, even years to get through Congress. But this bill, because of its lower rate for upper "2 % ers," and its fantastic new rate for corporations, delighted republican legislators.

Most of them probably were "2 % ers" and share holders of corporations. This made passage a piece of cake for Trump.

In fact, if memory serves, not a single republican senator voted against the bill. This, despite that some had previously voiced opposition to heartlessly stripping 15 million people of health care.

Though the bill did exactly that, because it lined these republicans’ pockets with tax savings, they expediently forgot their previous misgivings about its “heartless” stripping of health care from poor people. And they all voted "Aye."

Shame on them.

Thus, all in all, that Trump 2017 feat shows the enormous power, a president can weave and invoke. And Mike Bloomberg surely picked up on that, saw the potential for the Bloomberg empire.

And that's what persuaded him to invest millions and millions to become president.

Needless to say, Mike is no dummy. He's shrewd and brilliant. But at the same time, he's no altruist. He’s surely not investing these millions to serve the best interests of the American people.

For 500 million or more, he wants a return.

And to Sage, it sure looks like this is why he’s is trying to buy the presidency. If he succeeds, he will use it, just like Trump did, to get things to benefit his worldly corporate enterprise.

Hence, this is an enormous danger or risk of electing moguls like Trump and Mike as presidents.

So, Elizabeth, this Mike goal is a monstrous jugular, that for America's sake, you just have to pounce on and not let up.

  • Now another jugular for Mike is his age. He would be in his 80s during most of a four year term and be the oldest president in history. That's too much of a gamble for this country to take; that during his 80s, he wouldn't be afflicted with mental and physical deterioration, the type that besieges so many people in that age bracket.

  • He’s not adequately educated. He doesn’t have a law degree.

  • Improperly, he would have substantial influence on or control of a major news agency, Bloomberg News. This, as to how his presidency would be covered and evaluated.

So, Elizabeth, the ball once again is in your court: You have to boldly and courageously expose Mike’s jugulars. They’re blatantly bad for America. Give him hell. Show the country what he really is and after.

Pull no punches.

4. Joe Biden’s Flanks

A. “Egad,” he’s a republican! That’s more than enough to rule him out.

It’s hard to swallow, but by golly that’s what he is. Yes, he’s been a republican at heart, if not in label, for many years. But until recently he has covered himself well and gone mostly undetected.

But you, Senator, were probably one of the few who had suspicions about him. You likely did, as result of your conflicts with him about bankruptcy law, going back some 20 years or so. That was when you did all you could to try to stop him and the republicans from eventually enacting in 2005, today’s “bleed-the-poor” bankruptcy law.

If memory serves, Joe was the only democratic senator who supported the bill.

But now the jury’s in on him. Surprisingly, on December 30, 2019, he blew the whistle on himself. In a statement, he said if he were nominated, he would consider naming a republican VP.


He likely said this to get urgently needed funding and support from huge republican donors.

Though, he’s always been a consummate politician, who panders to everyone, this time, he was astonishingly open about it.

So, indisputably, from his own mouth, came this proof that he’s really a republican.

And it should go without saying, THE LAST THING THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY SHOULD DO IS NOMINATE A REPUBLICAN, Joe Biden. That would be outrageously disastrous.

Gulp! Because no matter how the election would turn out, Biden, Trump, or Pence, since all three are republicans. It would be 4 or 8 more years of republicanism. And it would also mean for decades to come, more conservative domination of the Supreme Court.

So, Elizabeth, you must pound the table hard with this reality about Joe Biden. Over and over keep coming back to: HE’S A REPUBLICAN.

“So, throw the bum out.” He’ll be bad for America.

B. Joe’s age:

For this reason alone, Joe is not acceptable as a nominee: He’s too old. About 22 months into a term, he would enter his 80s. And as mentioned above, it’s then that dementia and Alzheimer’s doubled incidences, beset many people.

And for Joe to guarantee/assure America that he’d be immune to this menace, is out of the question.

So, as are Bernie and Mike as to their ages, he’s asking his country to gamble on him. And with the nuclear discretion that a 21st century American president has, this would be an incredibly unreasonable risk for this country to take.

In fact, some Trump supporters are claiming Biden has already shown signs of dementia. There’s a video of him at a December meeting, wherein he says, “Here, in Iowa. . . . ” But the meeting is in New Hampshire.

Hello? Joe?

They further claim, that in October, Biden thought he was in Vermont, when he was in New Hampshire. And in November he thought he was in Ohio, when he was in Iowa.

Hello, again? Joe?

Then there was Biden’s conduct at an Iowa meeting. A video shows him taking to the mat an 83 old retired farmer. The man claimed Biden and his son had been involved in corrupt conduct. But instead of responding in a presidential manner like, “Sir, you’re wrong, that’s not true,” Joe heatedly called him “a damn liar.”

Then, when the man told Biden he was too old to serve as president, Biden challenged him to a pushup contest and an IQ test. He was implying that if he was willing to take on 83 year old in such contests, then as president in his 80s, he’d be immune to physical and mental degeneration.

Huh? That doesn’t make sense.

So, Senator Elizabeth, you “gotta” knock this guy out of the box.

And you can only do that by over and over reminding the public and press that he’s a republican in sheep’s clothing. And that he’s too old to safely serve America.

Sock it to him.

Finally, Elizabeth,

As to other matters the press might bring up in debates or conferences, suggest you tersely reply to them, but then quickly dismiss them as not relevant. And go right back to any critical truth you need to bring up again.

Again, don’t soften blows. Tell it like is.

Be civil, but not friendly to opponents. Because it’s vital that you keep your distance from them, so people won’t think you’re a hypocrite, a phony.

And, speaking of not being a phony, you were absolutely right in not shaking hands with Bernie after that one debate. In fact, you shouldn’t shake hands with any opponent. Because, in the sense that their goals compared to yours are not in America’s best interests, they're "enemy."

So, you have to be stoic, resolute in sticking to your guns.

Thus. Elizabeth, you now have Sage’s thoughts. He hopes they help you knock these 4 guys out. Because America needs you so badly.

Comparing your integrity, your intellect, your outstanding background to those of your 4 opponents, again, it’s NO CONTEST.

Yes, after almost 300 years of men, we need you to be President No. 46, our first woman.

But “Whoa, Nellie,” here. Sage was just about to say goodbye to you, nice lady, when he suddenly remembered one more vital thing to tell you:

Of late, Biden has been coming out with seemingly authoritative statements on current subjects. He’s obviously trying to establish a presidential, leadership image hy issuing frequent press reports like a president would.

So, you urgently need to do likewise, ASAP. Every other day or so you should issue press releases stating your opinions or views on various matters, anything current. Your statements should be crafted to clearly show your authoritativeness, leadership, knowledge, vast experience, et cetera.

Elizabeth, when you speak or write, people will listen. You’re impressive.

But, again, you must get right on this. Get regular press releases out. You don’t want any opponent, like that republican Biden, to get too much of a head start on you, especially with Iowa so close.

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Best for now.

Respectfully and sincerely,

The Sage


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