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Message for Bernie

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

For your sake, and that of America, here are some realities you should weigh:

1. In the 2016 nomination campaigning between you and Hillary, your bitter, repetitive, excessive attacks on her helped Trump get elected. You were a substantial factor in prejudicing droves of voters against Hillary.

2. And after she was nominated, you failed to adequately support her. This added even more damage to your original opposition to her. Trump no doubt was ecstatic with the help you were providing him. And I remember, it was so effectively damaging to Hillary, at the time, I was wondering if Trump was financing your campaign.

3. Now, in this 2020 campaign, you are starting to do that exact thing again. But this time, you will be helping a train-wreck president get reelected. Like you did in 2016, you have and likely will come up with all kinds of slashing-prejudicial things to say about the democrats running for the nomination. Things that will help only Trump.

4. And your attacks on these potential nominees will cost them time and wasted money to respond to you. So, whom does this help? Trump, of course, just like in 2016. "Thanks again, Bernie. I knew you'd come through for me," in essence, Trump will say or think.

5. Then, when one democratic candidate is nominated, you likely again will fail to adequately support her or him, just like you failed to support Hillary. In other words, such a lacking on your part, again will add fuel to Trump's fire and lies against his opponent. Remember, how over and over, he called Hillary, "Crooked Hillary" And how he got crowds chanting, "Lock her up."

6. But you now say you're an independent, not a democrat. As such, you're implying you have no duty or obligation to support a democrat. Do you think people who contribute their hard earned dollars to you, understand that? That if need arises, you will not support a democrat? That you'd rather let Trump win again? Come on!

7. Plus, with all your "free lunch, let the government take care of you" socialist ideas, you're misleading the public as to the democratic party's identity. Your ideas ARE NOT those of that party. And when you lead the public to believe that they are, you're really hurting the democrats' chances of winning back the White House.

8. You're entering this campaign with the most money in your coffers of any candidate. The press reports it as high as 25 million. You accept that kind of money from people who in good faith believe you when you tell them you can be our next president.

9. But that's not true. You cannot win the presidency. So, isn't that taking money from a lot of poor people under false premises? That's because the real purpose of you collecting all this money is to serve your socialist goals, entities, and your family's financial future?

Now here are even more reasons why you have no chance to win the presidency:

1. First off, you're too old. If you were elected, in just your second year in office, you'd be in your 80s. For the safety of this country, and the world as well, considering the nuclear discretion a president has, that age for her or him, in the 80s, is just not acceptable.

2. Then, there's your physical condition. You're impaired. You have a heart condition. Man, oh, man, on October 1, 2019, you suffered a heart attack. Should anyone with such a crucial disability, who while president would be in his or her 80s, be considered for the office? Absolutely, not.

So, those are more blunt realities why you should not and cannot win the presidency. And it's why a lot of people have lost their hard earned dollars believing you.

Because, as said, the 25 million you've gotten from them will be used to serve other purposes than those you repesented. So, surely, had these poor people known this, they likely would not have given.

In any case, could this be why you have declared yourself an independent candidate? That is, so, you won't have to turn that money over to the Democratic party to help defeat Trump? And, not turning it over to the party will be one more way, a 25 million-dollar way, to help the worst and most dangerous president in history stay in office for another four years. That's almost like giving that money to Trump. It's 25 million less the democrats will have to battle him.

So, can you look yourself in the mirror knowing that's what you're doing? Because in effect, you're helping reelect Trump.

Finally, FOR YOUR SAKE ALONE, there are the following blatant-common sense reasons, you should not be in this race:

1. You cannot win.

2. You're wasting your time.

3. And because of your heart condition, you're risking your life. Campaigning, needless to say, is grueling, taxing. Instead, you should be taking it easy, only attending your senatorial duties.

4. Then there's this: Let's say I'm all wet. And you could be elected president. And surprisingly, you are. Well, for sure, a campaign for nomination followed by a rigorous election campaign, would be extremely onerous, oppressive for someone like you with a heart condition. Then, think how much more strenuous things would be for such an impaired person for 4 long years. Flying all over the world, meetings, meetings, and meetings. Press conferences ad infinitum. Stress, stress, and more stress. Arguably, being president of the USA is the most pressured job in the world. . . .a 24-7, 365 killer schedule for 4 years.

Bottom line: Anyone with a heart condition would be crazy to seek this job.

In sum, this contemplation is absolutely convincing that in truth you’re really not seeking the presidency. As a rational, intelligent person you know you’re not fit to serve.

Thus, this bald logic lays bare, exposes the insincerity and deceit implicit in your campaigning and pleas for contributions.

Shame, shame on you, Bernie.

Yes, shame, BECAUSE, again, ALL YOU REALLY WANT IS MONEY. You’re after those contributions for your family’s financial future, as well as to promote socialism. For these ends, you want the millions you've already collected, and the millions more waiting for you to pluck.

But, Bernie, what you're sadly overlooking with all this, is that life is so precious.

And our egos and greed can shorten it.

So, for your sake, as well as America’s, please drop out of this race.

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